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Bible Videos Your Kids Will Tell Their Friends About!

Has this happened to you recently – you’re super-excited about your lesson for Sunday morning, you start the video, and you watch as your kid’s eyes glaze over?

A few start talking among themselves, a few start making fun of the video, but most just tune out and sit there bored.

And I can’t blame them.  Honestly, I get bored watching most of the children’s ministry videos out there.

So, these are my guidelines for testing videos:

  1. If a video doesn’t make YOU laugh out loud, and suck YOU into the Bible lesson, then you shouldn’t show that video to your class.
  2. But… if a video makes YOU laugh and YOU learn something from God’s Word, then so will the kids at your church.

So, put our videos to the test.

See if they hold your attention, and see if they communicate valuable lessons from God’s Word.

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Why Should You Care If Your Children’s Ministry Videos are Fun and Entertaining?

I believe that there are many advantages to using Bible-based videos that kids find funny and entertaining:

  • Studies show humor helps kids learn faster and retain better
  • More fun = fewer discipline problems
  • Kids are eager to invite their friends to church when they know their friends will enjoy it
  • Parents love to hear how much fun their kids had at church
  • God created humor and laughter, so why should the world have all the funny, kid-show characters?

Picture of the Nelson Family
Hi, I’m Curt Nelson.

For years, I’ve been studying how to make learning fun and “sticky” as I’ve worked in different fields as a…

  • Walt Disney Imagineer (ask me about “Stitch’s Great Escape” sometime)
  • High School AP Physics Teacher (nerds of the world, unite!)
  • School Assembly Magician/Puppeteer (yes, that’s a full-time job, and yes, I’m an adult who still loves magic and puppets)
  • Children’s Book Author (with my buddy, Roosevelt Rat)
  • Children’s Pastor (best job ever!)

And now I draw from all those careers to make laugh-out-loud videos you can use to illustrate profound truths from God’s Word – how fun is that?


Send Us Your Idea, And We’ll Credit You In The Video!

And if you have an idea for a video covering a particular topic, please submit it here.

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