13 Fun, Free, Kid-Friendly YouTube Videos For Kid’s Church

Why I Love Using YouTube Videos in Kids’ Church:

  • They’re great for illustrating Bible lessons
  • They’re a nice length, usually 3-5 minutes
  • And they don’t even have to be Bible-based – You can use some just-for-fun videos to build rapport with your kids

Why I Hate Using YouTube Videos in Kids’ Church:

  • It takes forever to find good ones!
  • And just when you think you’ve found a really good funny video to play while kids are finding their seats, and you’re getting super-excited about how this video will really warm the kids up for your lesson, right at the end of the video they’ll slip in some objectionable word or something else inappropriate for kids that makes you want to scream, “Why??!!!” and then you have to start over and pretty soon you’ve wasted an hour trying to find a 3-minute video for your opener.

So… I just hope that all the time I spend scouring YouTube for Children’s-Ministry-Appropriate-Videos will save you some time, and help you do your job better.

You can preview each video by clicking the play button.

If you want to download one of the videos, scroll down to the bottom of the page for instructions.

And if you want even more fun YouTube videos, let us send you our guide to 50+ YouTube Videos here.

Bible-Truth Videos

Animal Videos

Funny Kid Videos

Music Videos

Science and Slo-Mo Videos

Stop Motion and Misc Videos

Want more great video ideas?  Just tell us where to send them…

How to download a video to share at church:

  • If you want to use it at your church, click the “download” text above the video.Shows where to click first
  • That will open a page at savefrom.net with a download link for that video. Wait for the page to load, then click this button:Arrow Showing Where to Click to Download a Video
  • If you don’t see that button, you may need to click this link first, then the download button:Another example of where to click to download the video.
  • That’s it – the video will be saved to your computer.
  • And just FYI… I don’t own most of these videos – this is just a list I curate. All rights belong to the original creators.

    Other Videos

    Do you have other suggestions? I’d love to add them – let me know using the contact form.