Science Tips For Spyence Mission #1

Secret Agent K With the Coke and Mentos Bottle

These are links to more information to supplement the “Science Object Lessons Guide” in the Spyence Mission #1 Curriculum.

If you haven’t purchased the Spyence Mission #1 Curriculum and watched the video that teaches you how to do the Science Object Lessons “Live” with your students, these links won’t make much sense. But if you have watched that video, click on the links below for more helpful information.


What Parents Think About Classroom Management In Children’s Church

When a kid “acts up” in Kid’s Church, you have to make a split second decision to ignore it or deal with it.

Kid Sticking Tongue Out At Teacher

Often, that’s a hard call to make as a teacher. You don’t want to be too strict and come across as harsh or unloving. But you also don’t want to be too loose and let bad behavior escalate.

So where should you draw the line for good classroom management in children’s church – should you lean more toward strict discipline, or should you favor a more laid-back approach?

One way to approach the question is to ask – what do I think the parents would want for their kids? Would they want a teacher who is more strict, or more laid-back? (more…)

VBS Promo Video Starring Kids – For ANY VBS

Fun VBS Promo Video – cute kids use corny puns while shooting off film canister rockets!

It’s important that your VBS Promo Video captures everyone’s attention and send the message that this year’s VBS is going to be a blast!  Well… Mission Accomplished. Just click the “play” button and check it out…

Isn’t that fun? If you’d like to use this VBS Promo Video at your church, click this download button:

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