Download Fun Lego Videos – Great “Openers” For Kid’s Church

Sharing a fun Lego video that both you and the kids can enjoy is a great way to grab your kids’ attention and start building rapport.  That’s why I love playing a video like the ones shown below as an “opener” video while the kids are coming in and finding their seats.

It’s an instant connection between you and them and gets the class started on the right note.  Here are a few fun Lego-based videos (scroll down for download instructions). See if any of them “grab” you:


Let me send you my whole collection of fun opener videos:

Download Instructions:

If you want to use a video at your church, click the “download” text above it.

Shows where to click first

That will open a page at with a download link for that video. Wait for the page to load, then click this button:

Arrow Showing Where to Click to Download a Video

If you don’t see that button, you may need to click this link first, then the download button:

Another example of where to click to download the video.

That’s it – the fun Lego video will be saved to your computer.

And just FYI… I don’t own most of these videos – this is just a list I curate. All rights belong to the original creators.

If you have any trouble downloading a video, let me know here – I’d love to help you get it figured out.