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The videos are kid-tested, exciting, and even the 5th-grade boys love them! And what’s even better – each video teaches a truth from God’s Word in a relevant, practical way, that kids relate to. 

The Family version comes with discussion guides for parents to use with their kids, and the Church Curriculum comes with everything you'd want in a curriculum - teacher's guides, small-group questions, hands-on activity, etc.

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Have you noticed that most children’s church curriculums teach kids how important it is to have a quiet time with God each day, but very few teach kids HOW to do it?

Most of your kids probably already know it’s important, they just don’t know HOW to do it.

We’re talking the actual nuts-and-bolts of how you do a quiet time:

  • How can they read the Bible without getting bored?
  • How can they pray without their mind wandering?
  • When should they do their quiet time?
  • How can they avoid distractions from all their electronic devices during this time?
  • And many more.

Spyence Mission #1 is a 6-week curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th-graders that comes with everything you need – a teacher’s guide with a full script, video segments to show the kids, opening activities, science object lessons, review quizzes, small group questions, teacher’s training videos, and more.

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[callout]Picture of Mike Riley“Curt has a unique ability to connect with any group that he is involved with. He always has a great message. He’s a gifted teacher with a unique style that can relate to any age.”

-Mike Riley,
Former NFL and College Football Head Coach

All The Details About Spyence Mission #1, with Samples:

Videos and Activities Your Kids and Adults Will LOVE!

  • Each lesson in Spyence Mission #1 alternates between teacher-led activities and the following 5 video segments.
  • And each activity and video are laser-focused to reinforce the main point of the week.

1) The “Status Update” Video – Your students review last week’s Bible lesson with Captain Curt’s science-experiment-gone-wrong, and then Tom and Larry pique their interest in this week’s Bible lesson.

[youtube id=”RU5etTDvJcA”]
[youtube id=”Y31SXy-amuc”]

2) The “Spyence Briefing” Video – Your students learn the main Bible point from Captain Curt and Bob the Dragon, then Secret Agent K reinforces the main point with a verse and an object lesson from the Spyence Lab.

[youtube id=”kFnSwW1SUpM”]
[youtube id=”3whqK00GWjk”]

3) The “Memory Verse” Video  – Your students learn the week’s memory verse with fun motions and get to stretch their legs and get the wiggles out at the same time.

[youtube id=”T6Ca2HsC5qA”]

4) The “Spyence Vs. Evil Robots Review Quiz” Video – Your students review today’s lesson while helping the Shark-Rat Super-Sisters protect the Spyence Lab from Evil Robots.

[youtube id=”t1er0oFI3TU”]

5) The “Good News Worship-Intro” Video – Captain Curt shares the Gospel in a creative way each week, getting your students ready to praise God during your worship time. (You can show this video first if you do worship before the lesson.)

[youtube id=”9_4SdWQH5S4″]

Would the kids in your children’s ministry love how Bob messes up the main point each week? Would they love how the Shark-Rat Super-Sisters battle the Evil Robots during the review quiz? If so, get this curriculum now.

For $147, you get everything your teachers need to lead kids right to the throne-room of God with confidence. You’ll start hearing stories from parents about how their kids are sharing what they learned in the quietness of their room.

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(Or click here to download Week #1 for Free.)

[callout]“The kids are absolutely loving the curriculum and we are having a blast with the experiments!!  I hope you have another series in the works that we can get into as well. Thank you so very much!”

-Lynda Hawkins,
Evangel Baptist Church


What makes Spyence Mission #1 so powerful is the teacher-led activities between video segments.

And to make sure the teacher has everything they need to lead these activities, we’ve included these resources for the teacher:

1) A Teacher’s Guide PDF Your teacher will have the whole lesson in one place, including…

  • an overview of the key points
  • a full script
  • list of materials
  • questions for small group leaders
  • and much more.
  • Click here to get a sample. Really – you should check it out – we think it’s pretty amazing. We even tested it on a brand-new teacher, leading large-group for the first time ever, and she ROCKED all 6 lessons!

2) An “Overview” Video – Your teacher will understand the thinking behind each part of the lesson

[youtube id=”Z7CqG49FB6I”]

3) A “Science Explanations” Video – Your teacher will learn how to do the science object lesson with your students (if they want to — that’s an optional part of the lesson plan).

[youtube id=”aoKYSI9t-wk”]

4) A “Welcome/Attention-Getter” Video – Your teacher will learn how to do the fun opening activities from Captain Curt.

[youtube id=”hu0YJC411qU”]

5) Personal Help – You can email or text Captain Curt with any questions you have, and get personal help. He’s a full-time Children’s Pastor and he wants to help you impact the lives of your students.

6) Flexibility – And because the curriculum is divided into short video segments and short activities, it’s totally flexible. The teachers can pick and choose and rearrange to their heart’s content!

Don’t miss this life-transforming children’s church curriculum — your kids and leaders will love it!

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And Spyence Mission #1 includes our Zero-Risk, 110% Money-Back Guarantee

You take ZERO risk! We take 110% of the risk.

If you don’t absolutely love the curriculum, just use our “no-hassle-no-questions-asked, thanks-for-trying-us, God-bless-your-ministry, we’re-all-just-working-to-share-the-Gospel-together” 110% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

That means you get a complete refund plus 10% of the purchase price, so you literally have nothing to lose!
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The Storyline in Spyence Mission #1:

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Tom, a student in Miss Emily’s Sunday School class, wants to start having “quiet time alone with God.”

But when he tries to read his Bible, he gets bored. When he tries to pray, his mind wanders. He’s about to give up on the whole idea, but first, he reaches out to Spyence Headquarters.

Can this mysterious organization help? What do spying and science have to do with reading the Bible and praying? How can Bob the Dragon, Secret Agent K, and the Shark-Rat Super-Sisters help Tom get to know God better?

There’s only one way to find out and solve this mystery: Bring this exciting new Children’s Church Curriculum to your Children’s Church, Sunday School, or AWANA.

This teacher-led, video-based curriculum for your children’s church is designed by and for “In-The-Trenches” Children’s Ministry Leaders.

How do we know? Because an “in-the-trenches” children’s ministry leader, Curt Nelson, designed it for the teachers at his church. (Curt is a former Walt Disney Imagineer and the current full-time Children’s Pastor at Northwest Hills Community Church in Corvallis, OR, where he has served for the last 7 years).

This curriculum is a labor of love from start-to-finish, from the exciting opening activities to the Spyence videos, to the detailed Teacher’s Guide that contains everything you need to ROCK Sunday morning.

Then, just to make sure you’re 100% successful, we added three instructional teacher videos, plus real-life help from a real-life Children’s  Pastor, whenever you have questions!

And you get all this for a low price of $147! (Go ahead, compare our cost to other video children’s church curriculum and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

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Or try a sample first – click here to download Lesson #1 for free.

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