Children’s Ministry Teacher Appreciation Video You Can Share With Your Volunteers

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Wouldn't it be great if you could pick up your local paper and find articles thanking your Sunday School teachers for the great work they're doing with kids on a Sunday morning?

What if your local newspaper headlines were all about the great stuff happening at church...

“Kids make Tasty Snacks!”  (Ooh, that could have been worded better.)

“Class Helps Dog Bite Victim.” (You know what I mean - Class Helps The Victim of a Dog Bite.) 

"Kids on the Church Bus Should Be Belted." (Uh, seat-belted, that is. Oh my - this isn't going well!)​

Since your local paper probably isn't going to run a volunteer appreciation article, feel free to share this Children’s Ministry Teacher Appreciation Video with your teachers to show them how much you appreciate their service, and even more importantly, how much God appreciates their service!