7 Children’s Ministry Volunteer Recruitment Tips To Recruit The Best, Most Awesome, Unstoppable Team Ever

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Download Fun Lego Videos – Great “Openers” For Kid’s Church

Sharing a fun Lego video that both you and the kids can enjoy is a great way to grab your kids’ attention and start building rapport.  That’s why I love playing a video like the ones shown below as an “opener” video while the kids are coming in and finding their seats.

It’s an instant connection between you and them and gets the class started on the right note.  Here are a few fun Lego-based videos (scroll down for download instructions). See if any of them “grab” you:


A Christmas Gift My Volunteers LOVED For Under $5 Each

I’m sure you’ve wrestled with this – how do you get a Christmas gift for your volunteers that shows how much you appreciate them, while staying within your children’s ministry budget?

This year, my volunteer mystery shopper came up with an idea that turned out so well, I just had to share it with other children’s ministry leaders.

She saw something like this in a local store, for about $30!!!, and challenged herself to create her own for under $5.

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