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      Spyence Mission X - Our Newest Curriculum

      Spyence Mission X is like a kid’s show on the Disney Channel.

      Each episode has an exciting plot that draws kids in and makes them want to watch. Along the way, one of the characters learns an important BIBLICAL life-lesson.

      We offer curriculums tailored to both churches and families. Choose the one that works best for you!

      Video Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

      Our Original Spyence 6-Week Curriculum

      Teach your students how to make their faith their own:

      Teach them to read the Bible for themselves, without an intermediary “explaining” it to them.

      Teach them to pray to God themselves, without needing an adult to pray for or with them all the time.

      Teach them that they don’t go to their parent’s church, they ARE the church.

      Spyence Mission #1

      Spyence Undercover Assignment: 1-week Curriculum

      If any of your kids struggle with worrying about friend issues, sports insecurities, family health concerns, bullying, etc., they need this lesson about turning your worries over to God!

      But will your kids pay attention and listen to the lesson?

      Well, do they love spying and science, robots and superheroes, sassy puppets, object lessons with plenty of cracked eggs? If so, they'll love this lesson!

      1-Week Curriculum

      KidMin Thoughts - Creative Ideas You Can Use THIS Sunday

      We love Children's Ministry folks, and we'll gladly share anything that works well for us, like...

      Creative ways to show your volunteers you appreciate them

      Fun ideas you can use in this Sunday's lesson

      Classroom discipline tips, and much more!

      Wordless Book Creative Presentation Ideas

      Home-Made Videos To Illustrate Your Bible Lessons

      Fun videos featuring explosions, smashed eggs, dragons, and terrible puns!

      They're completely free for you to download, and you're welcome to use them at your church.

      Make your Bible lessons as fun, mesmerizing, and memorable as possible with these videos - kids love them!

      Kids Gospel Video Thumbnail

      Karl Bastian,
      Founder of Kidology. org

      Spyence! A super fun, interactive video-based curriculum that helps kids learn how to study and apply the Bible to their lives!

      Mike Riley,
      Former NFL and College Football Head Coach

      Curt has a unique ability to connect with any group that he is involved with. He always has a great message. He’s a gifted teacher with a unique style that can relate to any age.

      Patti McKnight, Director of Children’s Ministry, South Albany Community Church

      Professional and engaging and appealing to all ages... You won’t be disappointed! 

      Marissa, Kids' Church Teacher, Refuge Baptist Church

      Do you have any more curriculums like Spyence? The kids in my children’s church loved Spyence - every single kid loved it. It’s so hard finding something every kid in the group loves!

      Jana, Teacher, Portland, OR

      Seriously, that was as close to perfect as I have seen! Every child Kindergarten through 5th was engaged.

      Adria, Teacher, Salem, OR

      What stands out most to me is the integrity and passion Curt brings and gives to his audience.